Policies to Ease Licensing Burdens

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September 24, 2022

Universal License Recognition: Pursuant to A.R.S. §32-4302 a person shall be granted an occupational or professional license or certificate if the person has been licensed or certified in another state for at least twelve months, the license or certificate is in the same discipline and at the same practice level as the license or certificate for which the parson is applying in this state and the person meets other conditions prescribed by A.R.S. §32-4302. Application required and must be submitted via eLicensing. Learn More.

Military Spouse Application: Applicants married to active duty US armed forces member who are accompanying that member to an official permanent change of station to a military installation in Arizona may complete a Military Spouse Application. Learn More.

PT Compact: The Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy participates in the PT Compact. PT Compact privileges are purchased and administered through ptcompact.org. Privilege seekers must successfully complete the AZLAW jurisprudence exam prior to purchasing or renewing a PT Compact privilege. Learn More.