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Licensure information is public record and attractive to scammers. Accurate staff information can be found on the Leadership page under the About menu.
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Renewals Begin July 2024
Prepare now - Activate & Updating your Licensee Portal
Visit the "Renewals" page for additional information.

     Renewals Begin July 2024     

Prepare Now - Login & Update your Licensee Portal

Click Here to visit our Renewals page for more details.

Platform Migration

The Board has migrated to a new licensing and complaint platform. 


EXISTING LICENSEES/CERTIFICATE HOLDERS - Access the NEW Licensee Portal to login or reset password. Use the email address on file with the Board to access your account and license information. Failure to use your email address of record will prevent proper system functioning and could result in duplicate accounts.

Once logged into the Licensee Portal, review your profile pages and update as needed. This includes your Personal Information page and Employment Information page. Leave the end date blank for your current employer.

NEW APPLICANTS - Use the Licensing Platform Link above to access the Application Portal and follow the instructions to prepare and submit your application. If an application is shown in "Pending" status, click Cancel Application. You must start a fresh application to ensure proper submission. Likewise, if you see a previously "Withdrawn" application in your account, DO NOT resurrect that application, begin fresh instead.

CURRENT APPLICANTS - Third party documents, such as transcripts, may be emailed to [email protected]. If all of your deficient items have been received, your application is being processed, so watch your inbox and spam folders for communications from our staff.

Arizona license verification information is available, free of charge, on the public register. Use the "Find a PT or PTA" link above to perform a license/certificate search. If you require a verification sent directly from the Board, you may submit and pay for a Document Request through your Licensee Portal.

Name change requests may be submitted through your Licensee Portal.

Some pieces of the new platform remain under construction at this time.

We anticipate high volumes of email and phone communications coming into the Board's office. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.



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Policies to Ease Licensing Burdens

Universal License Recognition: Pursuant to A.R.S. §32-4302 a person shall be granted an occupational or professional license or certificate if the person has been licensed or certified in another

How do we serve the public? (Our Mission)


The mission of the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy is to protect the public from the incompetent, unprofessional, and unlawful practice of physical therapy. The Arizona Physical Therapy Practice Act establishes the standards for the practice of physical therapy, continuing competence and testing, and defines the scope and limitations of practice. The Board licenses and certifies qualified applicants as physical therapists and physical therapist assistants; and receives, investigates and adjudicates complaints against licensees and certificate holders.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a specialized area of healthcare that includes therapeutic exercise, manual therapy techniques, patient related instruction, and many other interventions. For the complete list of care and services provided, please view A.R.S. §32-2001 (13) and physical therapy services for more information.

Be Safe!

Because public safety is the primary reason for our existence, we recommend that a savvy consumer be pro-active in choosing a PT health care professional.  Verification of Arizona license to practice PT and certification to work as a PTA may be obtained through the Board's Directory Search.  Information can also be obtained by calling our office at 602-274-0236.  Whether you live in the state of Arizona or you move to another state, a physical therapist must be licensed by that state before legally practicing as a physical therapist.  Every state in the United States requires licensure before the physical therapist is allowed to practice in that state.