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March 16, 2022

Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2454 telehealth bill which makes permanent telehealth flexibility that had been permitted under executive order. The law takes effect immediately and is now reflected in A.R.S. §§ 36-3601 through 36-3608

Key provisions: 

  • Requires health care insurance companies to expand telehealth coverage for all services that would normally be covered for an in-person visit.
  • Ensures equal compensation from insurance compaines for telehealth services.
  • Payment parity for audio-only medical visits on a cell phone or landline with patients who may not have access to the Internet.
  • Changes the word "telemedicine" in Arizona statutes to "telehealth".
  • The ability to engage in telehealth services for physical therapists residing out-of-state requires the completion of a registration application.